Day 15

Made a short video prior to firing up the Instant Pot because I’m a dumbass and did it all wrong, but luckily it came out totally fine. Just not quite what I wanted. I should have followed instructions. I want something saucier, I keep making soupy things LOL!! Better luck next time. I made tacos from… Continue reading Day 15

Week 3 is on the Horizon

Got my meals prepared for the upcoming work week. Monday begins week 3 of paleo and week 2 of DDP Yoga. I’ll also be adding iron. The strained tendons are healing enough that I can carefully start weight lifting. Meanwhile, I have been obsessive about that damn Instant Pot and recipes and giving away stuff… Continue reading Week 3 is on the Horizon

Day 12

I’m exhausted but excited so I decided to stay up late and bust out a blog -my fans should be pleased by my sacrifice =^_^= DDP Yoga Energy and a round of stretching with the gravity fitness band. The elbow is miserable, so throwing some iron around in the next couple days is questionable. The yoga was… Continue reading Day 12

Day 8 in the books

DDP Yoga Energy tonight. 2.5mi walk. Coach Java is exhausted. Tired puppy = happy puppy. =^_^= Meals were on plan (they will be posted through the week for the busybodies who like that sort of thing) and dinners, as planned, are fresh cooked. Tonight was a bit visually meh, but I’m experimenting with the leftover… Continue reading Day 8 in the books

De Plans, De Plans…

As I’m writing this, we can’t hit the trails, it’s a monsoon. And I am waiting for FedEx/Amazon to deliver my meal planning containers. And the chairs at the kitchen pass thru that I built are not terribly fat ass friendly. Basically, they’re cute, but give me serious car butt and that in turn aggravates… Continue reading De Plans, De Plans…