Week 3 is on the Horizon

Got my meals prepared for the upcoming work week. Monday begins week 3 of paleo and week 2 of DDP Yoga. I’ll also be adding iron. The strained tendons are healing enough that I can carefully start weight lifting. Meanwhile, I have been obsessive about that damn Instant Pot and recipes and giving away stuff… Continue reading Week 3 is on the Horizon

Planning Part 3 – LUNCH

Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken Breast Tikka Masala Sauce Onion Jasmine Rice Total cost for 5 lunches, $18 Even though there’s only 3 chicken breasts, you can see those are not the Weight Watcher flash frozen portioned ones… I figured, with the onions and rice, that I could easily stretch this into 5 meals. As much… Continue reading Planning Part 3 – LUNCH

Planning Part 2 – BREAKFAST

My breakfast for the week. (excluding the eggs in the handy dandy oh-so-awesome egg cooker)  Ground Turkey Sausage 10 Farm fresh eggs (literally hours away from the chickens’ arses, a really good, close friend has chickens so I get the benefit of super fresh eggs)* Onions Shredded jicima (total experiment) The biggest cost on this… Continue reading Planning Part 2 – BREAKFAST

De Plans, De Plans…

As I’m writing this, we can’t hit the trails, it’s a monsoon. And I am waiting for FedEx/Amazon to deliver my meal planning containers. And the chairs at the kitchen pass thru that I built are not terribly fat ass friendly. Basically, they’re cute, but give me serious car butt and that in turn aggravates… Continue reading De Plans, De Plans…