My History


This got entirely too rambly… so here we go…

Below, that’s a 5xlt mens tshirt, I was at least 350 by my guess.  Other than going to the doctor for rx refills on asthma meds, I didn’t go to the doctor, didn’t have a scale or even a full length mirror. Then one day, during a recording session, one of my best friends took these pictures of me…


Horrified, I went to the doctor, was dx as pre-diabetic, told if I didn’t fix it in 30 days I’d need to go on more meds and this doctor wanted me to go to physicians weight loss so he could monitor me. I didn’t like that, to me, that is giving someone else too much control over my life and those things feel like a scam, so instead, a good friend from my DDR days said “hey look into this body for life, there’s no money other than the cost of the book, but maybe it will help”… 8 mos later I’d dropped to 265 and became the pic on the left.


The pic on the right is where I got, weighed about the same, there’s only a 10lb difference between the left pic and the right pic (255 in the right) but I’m closer to the lack of definition in the left now because of a myriad of things, especially a dx of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis in my ankle. Yuck.

Working through that with physical therapy, a good ankle brace, swimming, and lots of ibuprofen. Getting back on track and this blog has been purged and refreshed for me to get back to daily updates.


3 thoughts on “My History

  1. That BMI scale HAD to be created for people in a different country, of a different stature! (Meaning shorter than the average American.) That thing told me FOREVER that I was obese! O.o And now, I can “proudly” say, that according to the BMI, I am now only “boarder line obese”. lol. Seriously though….it has to be joking. They must have not accounted for muscle weight at ALL! That’s what the main mess up has to be.

    And hey, don’t even get me started on not being “perfect”. I’m actually eating some Raisinets RIGHT NOW at 11:12 p.m! (FAR past my: “No eating past 9 p.m.” rule!) ^_~ You’re absolutely right, it happens to us all. Does that mean we failed!? HECK NO!!! It just means we’re human.

    Failure is only what happens when you STOP TRYING. And you know as well as I do, that even after eating some wonderful, naughty deliciousness, we will TOTALLY be pushing play the next day, and hoping right back on that “eat right” wagon. 😉

    No worries here. Just picking myself up, dusting off, and moving forward. 🙂


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