Country Heat and 2 Left Feet

Well, there was a lot of flailing. The right ankle is doing well though, totally worth the last year of hell with PT and such. The left ankle is not faring as well and my doctor advised I pursue the same efforts before we consider additional or different routes for treatment. I’m glad she’s not one to rush to shots or surgeries because there’s no way I can be down for the count like that.

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do in determining if the issue is genetic or if it’s from wear and tear when I spent that glorious time well into the 300s. Who the hell knows. But it is for sure tendonitis, not arthritis, so there’s that. It just sucks cuz it always fucking hurts, it’s hard as hell to walk around and is even harder than hell to get moving once I’ve been idle for extended periods of time. I just don’t want to be like my mom and relying on a walker by the time I’m 50 because it hurts too damn much to walk. Plus imagine how fun things will be if I can’t walk Miss Javs. Her anxiety would be a bigger mess and, as I told my doctor today, there’s NO WAY I can be idle for 6 weeks loaded on pain meds. I would end up in a horrible mental state and probably regain 100lb. Pass.

Attempted Country Heat, I think it was Giddy Up. About 30 mins of yeehaw, foot stomping, knee raising, ass slapping shenanigans. I’m thinking I should start adding some Tito’s to my pre-workout or my intra-workout because maybe I’d have more coordination and not look like Barney tripping on some bad drugs. Got a good cal burn out of it, so that’s a plus.

Tomorrow is bowling, so there won’t be any workout again until Thursday, which is Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 3.

Oh by the way, Dymatize casein whey is ASS. It doesn’t mix, it sets like concrete. NOT A FAN!!! I should have stuck with ON and got their Casein whey, but I wanted to try something new and I had a coupon. That’ll teach me.

Side note, I do quite like the BSN Syntha 6 Protein Edge Crisps meal bars. They really do taste good and don’t have that heavy gag inducing texture the dense protein bars and ‘cookies’ and ‘cake bites’ have. You can drizzle pretty frosting on these things but they are still ass.

This week:

ON Protein Energy w/ almond milk
BSN Protein Edge bar
Weight Watcher breakfast burrito
Veggie pasta w/ shredded chicken breast, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions & ginger sesasme dressing
ON Protein energy w/ almond milk
ON Pre-workout (on weight lifting days)
ON Intra-workout (on weight lifting days & cardio)
EAS Recovery (on weight lifting days)
Chicken breast, lean steak or pork chop w/ grilled veg & rice
(going back to) ON Gold Standard Whey w/ almond milk

All staying under 1900 cal, I’m burning on average anywhere from 2900 to 3200 cal according to my fitbit. AND I learned today that my home scale is 4lb off the doc’s scale (of course NOT in my favour) but maybe that’s not accurate either. It’s first thing in the AM before shower vs 11am fully clothed, but I updated my fitbit to the measurement from the doc to keep it honest.




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