Improving Focus and Supplement Farts

It feels good to have my meals all planned out, breakfasts and lunches packed for the week and to have found meal replacement bars that are reminiscent of the old EAS Myoplex Lite bars when they just used good ol’ HFCS. Never the same after they changed everything up. bleh.

I’ve slacked on my daily journal’g but I am taking a photo log of my efforts. All those pix will be below in order except for bowling and walkies. Those are on my fitbit tracker community and I get too lazy to post shit all over.

Of course, the damn scale hasn’t moved, but my diligence falters when work is insanely busy or when my ankle flares up. Started some new supplements, so I’ll see how that all does for the next month and if anything useful comes of it, I’ll share my anecdotal evidence of healing and cures and whatever.

The meal bars have sugar alcohol as does one of the protein supplements I’m using… mind you sugar alcohols (maltitol, xylitol, etc) should all just be singly referenced hence forth as “fartitol” cuz every lunge, every dead lift, every squat, you’re gonna let loose. Brutal. I think I offended the dog, she left the workout room for awhile today.






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