Focus T25 Abs (yea right) and Lower Focus

I’ll be straight up honest. I tried for a good 10 mins on Ab Focus and got nowhere fast. I’d need 2 screens to see what the hell I need to do, so I had to watch, pause, watch pause -what a pain in the ass. Not only that, my upper body doesn’t have the strength to even do the modifications… maybe next time.

So I could have said ‘fuck it’ and went and made dinner but I decided no, just do the next one in the schedule, which was Lower Focus. Struggled like hell on the calf raises and calf hops; my ankles just don’t work anymore to handle it. I modified and still put weight on the calf to be worked, but while I need to aherm stay focused and push through I also do not want to fuck up my tendons again so badly that I am sidelined for another year plus unable to do a 3mi dog walk let alone any workout worth the effort.

I did get a walk in around the larger lake. And a decent calorie burn according to fitbit. (see below) And I did the entire 25 mins of Lower Focus and just modified anything that made the ankles feel tweaky. There was a lot of slow squat pulses and lunge pulses, which probably is why I didn’t get as intense a cal burn as I do on other T25 workouts but I am still feeling it an hour later and figure I will be lucky if I can get out of bed tomorrow, get off the toilet without screaming and get thru league bowling in the evening. With the Chalean workout I did Monday, it was focused on triceps and biceps and those hurt like hell with the planks and down dogs that were in the Ab Focus segments I did manage to do. I may need to hire someone to help me in the shower and bathroom later…


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