Burn Circuit 2 and Thoughts

My BFF is out of the country on vacation this week which grants me kitty sitting duty. Not that big a deal, Miss Java loves kitties, even though they’re really not keen on her. Easy enough to hit the trails then stop and take care of the kitties then head back home. However, that takes time. And with whatever mental anxiety, OCD issue I have going on, if something strays me from my mentally prepared time line, it easily, readily derails me and here I was, heading home close to 6pm and going through the “I really don’t have time to workout, I probably should say ‘fuck it’ this week. Plus, I have a couple huge projects at work that I need to work on, I should be doing that instead of working out.”

By the time I get home, it’s almost 6, I still have to clean my own place up, make sure Java’s anxiety didn’t equate to flung kitty litter, tipped trash cans etc; make dinner, feed my own furkids, make sure I have a couple hours to work on work stuff and somehow cram a workout into that short burst of time and make sure I get to bed by 9 to 930 so I get a min of 6hr sleep or my heart will explode or some shit who knows anymore. It’s just really not a good time to bother with workouts right now. I can ‘save’ an hour to get other things done by skipping it. Once everyone is back home tending to their own furkids, I can get back on track.

First thing I did was get home, fling open the windows and immediately make my pre-workout drink. I know it probably does not much of anything but jostle me a little like a 5hr energy shot. But mentally, it helps put me in the workout mindset. Plus, I figure, if I drink it and don’t burn it off, I’ll be up all night and we can’t have that. So once I drink that, I’m committed.

Put potatoes that are on the verge in the Instant Pot and got those going. Put 2 center cut pork chops in the Air Fryer (cuz I’ve become a nutjob with my kitchen gadgets and convenience) and while that cooked, I fired up the PC and launched Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 2 and GOT. IT. DONE.

And it’s only 7pm, so I do have time to eat and review some work stuff. I won’t get as much work done, so I’m sure peanut gallery commentary will throw in lazy, lacking motivation or whatever but it is what it is.

Tomorrow is T25, I forget which one, I’ll do my usual and post a pic in the blog. Wedensday’s out cuz of Bowling.

All I can say to wrap up is thank the gods that stupid soul sucking weather front has fucked off because it was AWFUL and I have never mentally felt like that ever (well maybe as an angsty teen but I don’t remember that far back) and never want to feel that way again. Dunno if it was cuz of the chronic sinus pressure headache/migraines, lack of Vit D, I don’t fucking know. It sucked schweddy balls.



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