Week 2

Had PT on Thursday, which requires 48hr of active rest. Saturday I felt like crap from allergies and pretty much ran errands, cleaned, slept, ate, slept, ate etc. I did hit the trails with the dog, so at least there’s that.

Today was CLX BC1, much lower calorie burn than last week, which was disappointing, but I was also much more deliberate, following the DVD pace as much as possible and going heavier on some of the exercises. I’m definitely feeling the burn today, so I can only imagine how much fun it will be to get out of bed tomorrow AM and get off the toilet.

My ceiling fan sounds like a tazer intermittently.

Why am I not svelte yet?

Is it me, or does Kevin Love always look confused…

Well clearly I’ve digressed from the workout focus / blog this evening.

Oh, I did get new outdoor shoes, workout shoes, and inserts. I’m testing out how sof-soles work vs superfeet because superfeet are just getting too damn expensive especially since I burn thru shoes and inserts every 5 months (better than before which was every 3 cuz I pronoate so badly, I trash shoes… well I am sure my size has a lot of impact on it, too. woops oh well.)


oh got a new intra-workout too. I was using ON’s, but it tastes like sweaty dirty feet smell so it was a bit off-putting. This one tastes better, but I’m unsure if it impacted my workout cal burn or if that’s just how it was gonna be today. Who knows. Too freakin easy to get ensnared in over-analysis paralysis.



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