Burn Circuit 3

Let’s see… didn’t fall off the workout wagon already. I’m doing things a bit different this time. I’m not demonizing any food and I’m not being super anal about random indulgences or designating a specific day of the week for ‘cheating’. Also, a 90 day program, such as CLX, it probably going to be longer than 90 days because I am mixing it with Focus T25, I am bowling at least one night a week (I am sure that will become 2 days a week later in May because we like to practice and we practice ‘fast’ so we bust out 3 or 4 games in a little more than an hour mainly because it makes it very cardio that way and historically it helped build up our throwing strength/accuracy) Plus, if I have shit to do,I have shit to do.

Such as, on Saturday, I took Java on a lake walk and hit the unpaved trail, adding an extra 1/2 mile to the walk. Then I spent my afternoon at a Dog & Cat first aid & CPR class (HIGHLY recommend you take one if you have furkids). Sunday I finished going thru the last boxes and throwing things away I don’t need and scrubbed the place top to bottom.

Today, as noted, I am back in the workout space and fired up Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3… my ankles are NOT pleased one bit with the amount of squats, lunges, and calf raises required on this circuit. After sitting outside having my recovery drink, it’s feeling pretty damn shitty right now, so ice and biofreeze are on deck for my evening.


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