Focus T25 Alpha Cardio

Well, I remained upright through the whole thing. Had to modify of course, cuz I just got too much going on to do a lot of jumping and bouncing, that shit hurts too much. I modified where I had to but I didn’t once need to push pause, though I stopped a couple times for a quick drink, I made sure my heart rate stayed over 140… I need to do the math to see what my target heart rate should be but in the meantime, below are my stats.

Having a dedicated workout space is so much nicer than having to make my living room multipurpose.

So I am in a dilemma. I normally have been pleased with ON products, but this BCAA train and recovery tastes like dirty feet smell and I cannot deal with that. Bleargh. I need a decent intra-workout that isn’t gonna keep me awake at night or make my heart feel like it’s gonna burst. I am open to suggestions.

Since people care about this sort of stuff, I’ve posted up pix of the rest of my supplement arsenal that I am quite pleased with. And my stats for today’s T25 workout… enjoy


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