Yet another start

After quite the hiatus, I know. Sometimes your environment impacts you more than you realise. Sometimes it sucks the life right out of you. I think that was what going on at Camp Swampy over the past year and a half (at least).

I was intending to do the coin flip on another year (cuz yknow, it was an okay place, affordable, and I ‘should’ simply be happy where I’m at and accept its faults and just not let it get to me, blah blah blah…) Yea, no. Enough of that bullshit way of thinking and trying to influence my choices.

The straws were piling up and the camel just said ‘fuck this shit, time to get the hell out of here’. I made the pro / con list and while the new digs are more $, I have more space, much more quiet, no longer have to hear people pee, get locked out and knock on my door to let them in, have people play buzzer roulette, have to deal with squatters and people who found it was acceptable to sleep in the stairway, the shady shit going on in the back parking lot, hearing people fuck or whatever they were doing, I don’t even want to know. I don’t have to listen to ANY of that here. Nor do I have to listen to radios blaring and carloads of teenagers hotboxing at 3am.

I’ve been here about a month already. I did blaze out before my lease was up. Opportunity knocked, an apartment came available in the complex I wanted (well my 2nd choice but overall it’s a totally awesome 2nd choice location) so I said “eff the swamp” even if it was going to cost me 2 or 3 months of 2 rents. (That worked out, too. The old unit at Camp Swampy has been rented and occupied as of Good Friday. So ALL things work out just the way they needed to for this to work and not financially cripple me.)

I have a dedicated workout room now. I ripped all my workout DVDs and put them on my old clunker PC, got a cheap monitor and a faux Bose bluetooth speaker, and it works like a dream.

I’m going to be doing a hybrid of Chalean Extreme (because each workout is total body and already set up so no thinking or planning, just push play) and Focus T25. I am joining a sanction league next week, so I will be bowling again, which will impact the days I workout.


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