Sunday Funday

Spent most of my weekend formatting my books to get uploaded to createspace. Some time in the next few weeks, they should be ready to go and get released and maybe I can make enough money to buy some coffee.

The Instant Pot and the cast iron grill pan are the best kitchen accessories I’ve bought in quite some time. I love those things.

As of Friday, I’m down 22.8 lbs. I keep forgetting to do measurements, I really should at some point.

I forgot to take pictures Saturday, but I made city chicken in the instant pot and made some brown rice to enjoy with it. The leftover veg from Sunday’s dinner was added to the leftover city chicken for lunch at work. Below is what I did for dinner tonight…

8oz sirloin steak (pre beef brand is my favourite), garlic, onions, brussel sprouts, and asparagus in a mix of bacon renderings and coconut oil (mainly cuz the bacon rendering seems to have very low smoke point and I didn’t feel like setting off the alarms)… noms… utter noms… Oh! I dusted it with Goya Sazonadar Complete Seasoning. The steak was just seasoned with salt, olive oil spray and Mom’s Gourmet Rowdy Kitty. (As a side note, there isn’t one Mom’s Gourmet seasoning I haven’t enjoyed! Highly recommend them! they go a LONG LONG way.. WowaChihuahua is amazeballs for veggies with a kick or in a zip lock with jicima sticks)



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