BBQ Chicken and DDP Yoga

Work has dominated almost all my free time since my last update. Lots of things changing there and more responsibility and learning going on. Lots of midnight oil getting burned lately.

I did, however, take a few hours to ride out to a winery on a girls’ day out; if you’re local it’s called Lil Paws Winery. Awesome place, my new favourite. =^_^=

The workout schedule is going to get wonky over the next couple of months. I have some dental stuff coming up and while I’m pretty bad-ass about a lot of things, dental stuff is not one of them. So it’s put me in a bit of a mess, a long time coming mess but I’ve put my big girl panties on and will face it head on. I’m not sure if there will be temporary restrictions or just if I feel like total shit for a day or two after, but on the bright side, I have a lot of vacation time to burn before the end of the year which means around the dentist stuff, I could have time for some doubles.

I’m pretty satisfied that the paleo direction is working better. According to Fitbit tracking, I am down 21.8lbs since June 8. Not stellar, I know, but I’m okay with it because I haven’t started throwing iron around yet. I hope to soon. The elbow is almost better and the ankle is getting more stable thanks to DDP Yoga.

Since I was able to work from home Monday and Tuesday, I didn’t need to meal prep until last night. I made some BBQ chicken breast in the IP, added some steam cauliflower on the side; 3 lunches for the week in 20 minutes. Because I was busy working from home, I shredded the chicken and threw it back into the IP for about an hour on  “warm” just to let more of the BBQ sauce soak in before I containerized it. Yummy!





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