DDP Yoga & Instant Pot Adventures

I intended to fire up the iron grill pan today, but I went into work super early, ended up staying later than anticipated, came home and needed to face plant. I decided to decompress with some RuPaul’s Drag Race and a cocktail… knowing I have plans most of the weekend and wanting to save money, it was a good idea to peruse my non-frozen options (I am aware I can cook from frozen in the Instant Pot, I just prefer not to) and I came up with this. I have plenty of veg (mixed cruciferous things as well as some fresh yukon gold taters!)

Tonight I opted for simple. I wasn’t feeling terribly hungry, which is typically for week 3 and 4 for me when I’m serious about Paleo. No dog walk, the weather sucks and the entire area is a freakin’ swamp. It’s gross. I did DDP Yoga Energy, though it was a battle cuz energy is just something I don’t have today.

The only thing not pictured was the garlic. I forgot to throw some in the pictures. Woops.

Sauteed the onions and garlic with a smattering of coconut oil, threw the meat in there for a couple of mins (mainly because I was multi-tasking by feeding the furkids) then dumped in the packet of marinade and used half a packet of water. The IP defaulted to 45 mins, so I accepted that and then let it NR for 20 minutes. When it cooled, the sauce thickened up, so tomorrow I presume it will be way more bad ass than it was tonight. I love this IP. I love being able to take cheaper cuts of meat and make several meals and it’s always fork-tender.



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