Movin’ Right Along

Gonna be a short entry today. Work has been insanely busy, doing some extra stuff from home. Days like this are when time management is absolutely crucial. Still, I’m exhausted and there’s just not enough coffee for this right now.

DDP Yoga Fat Burner, and while I did that, I fired up the ol Instant Pot to make some City Chicken.

2lb cubed pork/city chicken
Paleo BBQ sauce (I used half the vinegar though cuz ick not a fan of overpowering vinegar taste)
1 large sweet onion
1 metric ton of minced garlic (okay not really but damn near)
1/2 bottle beer (my neighbour is a beer drinker, I had to barter a container of this for half a beer)
1 small can cola


Here’s a short video when I dove into the pot after allowing 15 mins NR then finished up with a QR… I was so happy it wasn’t brothy!!!! Need to learn how to develop a thicker sauce in this thing without cutting the water too short and end up with a burn shriveled mess… NOBODY likes shriveled meat… Yea, I went there. I’m fucking tired, so…


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