Day 15

Made a short video prior to firing up the Instant Pot because I’m a dumbass and did it all wrong, but luckily it came out totally fine. Just not quite what I wanted. I should have followed instructions.

I want something saucier, I keep making soupy things LOL!! Better luck next time. I made tacos from it tonight. I will throw in half a bag of garlic cauliflower tomorrow and it will be yummy. It actually made more than what I pictured, but I had put some aside for some of my quality assurance people to test.


Tonight I decided to amp it up a week early. I did DDP Yoga Fat Burner, it is much faster paced than Energy, but it’s about 80% the same basic moves from the Diamond Dozen introduction dvd. Which is fine. It also adds a few other things to amp the heart rate.

Two things I noticed since starting this. I can now sit cross legged (Indian Style) which I could not do on Day 1. I can hold the full push up position for positions 1 and 2, but by 3, gotta drop to my knees. My ankle is doing okay and surprisingly my elbow didn’t feel tweaky, so I’ll take that as a win. I thought I was going to throw in some iron tonight, but this workout was 35 mins and I’m trying not to conquer the world in one night and end up with yet another setback. This is a challenge in and of itself as patience is not my strong suit whatsoever.

Tuesday I will post what weight lifting program I decide to do. The smart thing would be to alternate, do DDP Yoga on my ‘cardio’ day and do whatever weight lifting/strength opposite that. Especially with cooler weather, I will be able to hit the trails with Java right after work instead of waiting to damn near dusk then getting eaten alive.



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