Week 3 is on the Horizon

Got my meals prepared for the upcoming work week. Monday begins week 3 of paleo and week 2 of DDP Yoga. I’ll also be adding iron. The strained tendons are healing enough that I can carefully start weight lifting.

Meanwhile, I have been obsessive about that damn Instant Pot and recipes and giving away stuff that wasn’t quite going to work as I continue with Paleo. Obsessed enough that I actually, wait for it, spent money on a book! A NEW book. Since 2014 (when I lost everything in the floods) I decided not to spend money on excess. (It also pushed me further into minimalism) I saw Nom Nom Paleo was on sale on Amazon, so I got it and it came Saturday. Holy crap there is so much good information packed into this book, it’s way more than a cook book, though it is very much that as well. Of all the paleo and cookbooks I’ve gotten used or from the library, this one is totally worth it. You actually READ this one, not just skim to recipes and hope for the best. Okay, enough pimping lol.

Here’s my meals for this work week, including some pix and a video!

Breakfast. Same as last week because last week, ground turkey sausage was 2/$5. However this week, there are 2 differences: garlic and chive goat cheese (mmmm) and I made a larger breakfast bowl for each day.

I want to eliminate the mid-morning snack. Work doesn’t allow the time for it and I’d rather have a protein shake mid-morning. It’s faster, more portable if I am stuck in a meeting, and easier to clean up.


Lunches… mmmm I followed the advice that I should NOT do a quick pressure release when meat is involved and this time, it is so tender it’s crazy. it shredded with hardly any effort unlike my maiden voyage, which took a LOT of muscle to shred. Below is the ingredient and then below the video is one of the chicken breasts shredded and then containerized… I did the slow/natural pressure release, took about 15 mins, which was fine because that gave me time to clean up the kitchen and make Java’s breakfast scrambles for the next couple days. (the wet food supplement is getting a bit too expensive for me, so I decided scrambled eggs and goat cheese would be better, especially with her skin issues, I always suspect food, probably should blather about that in a separate blog too since it kind of isn’t related to this post…)



One thing not pictured is that I added a dollop of paleo sriracha. I was going to use chili paste, but I had everything on hand to follow the recipe in the NomNomPaleo book for the sriracha so WHOOMP! There it is! Just not there in the dang pic!


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