Day 12

I’m exhausted but excited so I decided to stay up late and bust out a blog -my fans should be pleased by my sacrifice =^_^=

DDP Yoga Energy and a round of stretching with the gravity fitness band. The elbow is miserable, so throwing some iron around in the next couple days is questionable. The yoga was a stretch as it was and some of the things I just couldn’t put body weight on my right arm enough without screwing up form and causing the wrong kind of pain. So, frustrated I decided to just throw a pork tenderloin in the broiler and take a nap while it cooked… however…

I caved and bought an instant pot. Scared out of my mind I was gonna blow up my apartment complex or somehow permanently scar me or the furkids, or all of us, I decided I was gonna wait until Saturday when I was well-rested, could plan… bitch please, I have the patience of a child, especially when it’s anything techy or techy-ish.

I scavenged a package of chicken from the store, had a good amount of seasoning left in the cabinet, and mooched 4 cups of chicken broth from my neighbor (who did get plenty of food in return for her generosity and support of my insanity) and threw all off the things into the pot, fired it up and ran from the room.

20 minutes later, I had shredded chicken and threw on some ginger scallion sauce. Tonight I’ll put it on a bed of quinoa rice. Last night I just ate that container right after I took the picture.

Lessons learned from my maiden voyage: 4 cups broth for 2lb chicken seemed too much, maybe 3 cups next time and I’d put the bottle of ginger scallion sauce right into the vat. Don’t quick release. And I was told not to by a reliable source. That is, no QR when meat is involved. Veggies, yes, meat no, do natural release. I was nervous, I wasn’t thinking and PSSSHHHHHTTT but honestly it’s still yummy deliciousness and I fared better than some other 1st use posts I’ve seen.

Being that I’m back to paleo, I went ahead and ordered NomNomPaleo‘s book from amazon because she has the best videos and recipes for normal mortals. I’d highly recommend her site.

I also am finding recipes for dog food. Java has a super sensitive stomach so normal things like chicken and rice often tear her up, but now that I can do some simple bone broth and chicken to shred, I’m going to try that with her and see what it does. If she does well, I would love to just keep with her Earthborn Holistics as a supplemental kibble to capture the important nutritional stuff but to make some home cooked meals as well. I already have abandoned the wet food and make her scrambled eggs as her treat. Riley is different because he is Mr Seafood or no food and has special diet needs, plus he’s a cat, he’s ungrateful and a snot. (lucky he’s handsome, he knows how to get by on good looks and charm, lil effer)


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