Day 11…

I had my PT on Tuesday, so no workout then or Wednesday as I usually need a solid 48 hours to recover. I’ll be doing DDP Yoga Energy Thursday afternoon.

The meal prep is the way to go for me. It has taken a lot of the hassle out of things and helps me make better use of my time. It also is far more sustaining. The day flies by and I hardly think of food, which was one of my goals in this. I’m fuller a lot longer, my energy is coming back, and I feel a lot less disgruntled about ‘having’ to do exercise.

Routine and Discipline.

I will for sure take measures and get my excel sheet formatted so I can screen cap it easily and upload it. I’m curious to see if adding DDP Yoga to my daily dog walk does anything or just helps me with mobility. I’m figuring at some point I’ll have to get moving on some cardio/weights, but it’s also been drilled into my head that I need patience and allow time for tendons to heal. We think the core issue has been figured out, now I just need to stop ‘rolling’ my damn ankle on walks and let that tendon strengthen without anymore horrible stretching lest I end up with my foot basically on its side all the time. ugh.

In the midst of this, I had changed my bowling throw, which made for a huge improvement on my scores near the end of the season, and increased my speed. However, I torqued my elbow and there’s suspicion of a tennis elbow type injury festering there. Squeezing or lifting radiate crazy pain in my elbow but thankfully so far holding the leash must require different muscle movement, so that hasn’t become a problem.

At least, having gone back to my old doctor (whom I only left because I moved an hour away, which proved not a good reason to change doctors, so now I make the commute) we keep track of stuff so while it still is hugely concerning regarding the volume of belly fat, everything else is ‘good’ so it’s a matter of getting this shit in order so I can go balls out again.

Let me clarify the need for me to do this isn’t entirely vanity and definitely not living up to someone else’s standards… I am generally tired of lugging around a fat suit all day and I need to drop some serious weight so I can get approved for breast reduction before I’m 65 and hunched over carting my girth around in a wheel barrow. Honestly, I see a 70-something neighbor with a similar heritage and upbringing as mine and she is miserable, barely mobile, hunched over from this and pulled over from a lifetime of large boobs and, much like my mother’s battle with obesity and way too early demise at 56, I have to do *something*…

I don’t ever want to be in a walmart scooter for something I can fix or correct. Seriously, I can barely manage a large cart (I always either use the stumpy carts or a basket) without taking down a display, imagine me old and ornery in a walmart scooter, with the flag… plowing into people, running over unruly children, treating it like bumper cars …


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