Planning Part 4 – AFTERNOON SNACK


A simple egg salad for my afternoon snack.

The hard boiled eggs from my handy dandy egg cooker (shown in Monday’s blog)
Organic mayo (cuz the regular stuff is yummy but loaded with chemikillz… jk it usually has an oil that gives me hives and/or a few heaps of sugar / HFCS)
chopped onion (I told you, me with onions & garlic is like that old lady with Frank’s Red Hot sauce, I put that shit in EVERYTHING!)
Stone ground mustard
Hot Hungarian paprika

Dice and mix, adding ‘stuff’ to taste. Since this will be a pre-workout fuel, I’m not stressing the few extra calories I may get from this because I like more mayo / creamier egg salad than crumbly… the organic mayo honestly doesn’t mix as smooth imho but it suffices.

Below are my work day meals ready to go.


Dinner will be fresh cooked every night. I have chicken breast, steak, and pork tenderloin, quinoa, broccoli, cauliflower, more jicima… so if I feel inclined, I’ll share pix with my daily updates.


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