Planning Part 3 – LUNCH


Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Breast
Tikka Masala Sauce
Jasmine Rice

Total cost for 5 lunches, $18

Even though there’s only 3 chicken breasts, you can see those are not the Weight Watcher flash frozen portioned ones… I figured, with the onions and rice, that I could easily stretch this into 5 meals.

As much as I love this dish, I bloody hate how it makes my apartment smell for days. But since Bhelwala closed its doors (a local Indian street food restaurant that was delish), I have no place for my craving of this dish!!!

I don’t simmer the meat in the sauce. I grill the chicken with a little bit of EVOO spray so it stays juicy (having a seasoned cast iron grill pan is amazeballs btw) then I cut it up and portioned the sauce over it. It will heat up fine in the micro and by letting it sit for a couple minutes, it will soak into the meat sufficiently.

Lunches done.




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