Day 8 in the books

DDP Yoga Energy tonight. 2.5mi walk. Coach Java is exhausted. Tired puppy = happy puppy. =^_^=

Meals were on plan (they will be posted through the week for the busybodies who like that sort of thing) and dinners, as planned, are fresh cooked.

Tonight was a bit visually meh, but I’m experimenting with the leftover jicima that I had shredded to emulate potatoes in my breakfast. I grilled some chicken on the cast iron grill pan (OMFG DO I LOVE THIS THING even though it gets quite smokey!) and I used the jicima, coconut oil, and some Goya Perfect Seasoning and just sauteed them in a small pan.

I am honestly surprised how versatile jicima is. Prior to this, I only ever cubed it up and threw it in a ziplock baggie with some wowa chihuahua (Mom’s Gourmet) seasoning.


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