Planning Part 2 – BREAKFAST

wp-1474147603474.jpgMy breakfast for the week. (excluding the eggs in the handy dandy oh-so-awesome egg cooker) 

Ground Turkey Sausage
10 Farm fresh eggs (literally hours away from the chickens’ arses, a really good, close friend has chickens so I get the benefit of super fresh eggs)*
Shredded jicima (total experiment)

The biggest cost on this breakfast is the jicima, but if it tastes good, it will be worth it as a potato replacement cuz I love the texture/taste of potatoes… as is, $10 for the whole work week of breakfast. If we forego the jicima, $6 for 5 breakfasts. I spoz I don’t stress the cost of onions all that much, I usually spend about $3 a week on a sack of them (yea… sack) and spread them out over all my meals, so that’s probably what, 25c to 50c more? Whatever… prices may vary lol!!!

*I found that for hard boiled, ‘factory’ eggs from Aldi work better because of their uniform size. I was ruining good farm eggs because of their random sizes. The farm eggs get used for scrambled eggs and omelets, Aldi eggs for hard boiled and/or deviled eggs.



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