Planning Part 1- CONTAINERS

Got some stackable, awesome containers off Amazon, took a few hours today to get my meals planned and prepared. The next couple entries will cover what I’ve got going on, and pix of the ingredients where applicable.

Packaging isn’t fancy, which is fine, I don’t care, as long as the quality is there. I think the quality feels good. I’ve definitely used flimsier stuff (a la Dollar Tree) and firmer stuff (a la $$$$ Rubbermaid). Each pack came with 10 containers, so easily enough for 2 weeks of meal prep. I also have some pix holding the containers to give you an idea of the size. The lids require a little more work than I’d like, I prefer to push the lid down and move on, but these seem to need a little seal checking finesse.

If they turn out out to be crap, melt in the dishwasher, or crack when I heat up the food, I’ll follow up on that.




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