De Plans, De Plans…

As I’m writing this, we can’t hit the trails, it’s a monsoon. And I am waiting for FedEx/Amazon to deliver my meal planning containers. And the chairs at the kitchen pass thru that I built are not terribly fat ass friendly. Basically, they’re cute, but give me serious car butt and that in turn aggravates my ankle. Clearly, I’ll be relocating to the couch to do some stripping.

Later today I’ll be setting up a tracking sheet in Excel to track my measurements and caclulated %s and taking some “before” pictures. Not sure when I’ll post the pix, probably 30 days. But measurements I’ll post. I should have taken them last week, but I can use my last round of measurements just for comparison.

Should I bother posting my meal plan? I know people sometimes care about that, but if not, I don’t feel like bothering to write it all up.

For exercise:

  • 2.5 mile minimum with the dog, paved & unpaved every day.
  • To get 5K steps at work every day
  • Chalean Extreme for my weight lifting days (though I’m going to forego the dvds and just do the weights because I want more of a cardio effect on those days and sometimes those dvds drag on)
  • DDP Yoga on the ‘cardio’ days at least for a month then I’ll reassess with my PT on if I can attempt a modified T25 or something.



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