Distractions are Distracting

As our ol’ pal Sweet Brown says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I’m on Day 6 of being strict with my meal plan and am focusing on consuming meat & veg, cooked at home. I’m focusing on eating when I truly feel hungry and stopping to assess, “do I want to eat this because I am hungry or because I am bored/stressed/need to change a mood/distract myself”. Another thing I am trying to get back into is the habit of ample hydration.

Much like battling the defiant inner child voice, putting its foot down, crossing its arms and huffing and pouting about “I don’t wanna workout, I don’t wanna drink my water, I don’t wanna eat this when there’s rice krispie treats over there”, there’s a bit of a battle of wills regarding my ‘stubbornness’ or as I rather call it, ‘focus’.

For me, and how I’m wired, if I fail to plan, I fail. I require strict discipline, schedules, plans, order, organization, and direction. It’s taken a lot of internal energy to finally accept that this is how I am and how I need to be to make things ‘work’. It may not be to anyone else’s liking, but they ain’t payin my bills so…

Without that attention and focus, I descend into mental chaos the crash face first into apathy. I have always been this way and when I do this whole, “take things as they come, just relax” attitude, not a damn thing gets done. Strips don’t get written. Blogs get neglected. Book project goals come and go utterly painfully unmet, and weight doesn’t get lost. Without some modicum of discipline and focus, I turn into a virtual couch potato with barely motivation to walk Java except then I’d have to scrub the carpet if I didn’t. Work is different. I’m very money driven. I’m PAID to accomplish tasks. If I don’t accomplish them, raises don’t get earned or worse.

I must plan my daily meals. I can be a bit lax on the weekends if I am committed to making reasonable choices, but through the week, I need to have my meals ready to ‘grab n go’. I would much rather spend 4 or 5 hours on a Sunday planning my meals for the week and shopping with that plan and then prepping it all. There’s much less mental anguish through the week. I organize it in my fridge, I pack my bag in less than a minute each weekday morning, get my coffee and I’m out the door. Totally worth that ‘lost time’ on the weekend, for me. It also helps set the tone for the day. If my meals are on point, it’s a success. That success motivates to continue with more success. I ate perfectly according to my plan today, now to get home and get the workout in and hit the trails with Java. My workouts have also been planned and put into my calendar. There’s flexibility there depending on how my ankle feels. I’ll talk about that more in my next blog.

When I don’t plan, it hoses my day. I have to maybe get breakfast on the way into the office. Then most likely have to interrupt the flow of my work to leave, deal with traffic and mobs and get lunch then come back, eat and try to get back into work mode. The day has already lost its direction at that point and it just spirals from there.


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